11 November 2011

assalamualaikum . hai hai hai dan hai . hihi .

encik belog . wuuu . uols sehat ? if tak nak tolong panggil kan ambulans . cewah caring tak ak agak-2 . nevermind ak faham sangat ngn uols . malu kan ? okeyokey . hihi .

. lame gile tak update . now ak dah nak update . nak story sket activity ak bersame kawankawan . jangan banyak songeh . naseb baik ak nih tersangat baik nak gak update . tade lah sunyi sepi . ehemehem . kan ?

SHARP NIGHT . memang perghhhhh . antara terbaikkkk siot .

. nah amek kaw . ak bagi uols synopsis . hihi . dengan harapan uols tak teruja nak pegi tgok . * evil laugh .

A sexy summer weekend turns into a blood-soaked nightmare for a group of college students trapped on an island surrounded by voracious underwater predators in Shark Night 3D, a terrifying thrill ride from director David Ellis (The Final Destination, Snakes On a Plane), featuring a red-hot young cast including Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie, Last House on the Left), Dustin Milligan ("90210," Slither), Chris Carmack ("The O.C."), Joel David Moore (Avatar), Chris Zylka (The Amazing Spider Man) and Katharine McPhee (The House Bunny). Arriving by boat at her family's Louisiana lake island cabin, Sara (Sara Paxton) and her friends quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of fun in the sun. But when star football player Malik (Sinqua Walls) stumbles from the salt-water lake with his arm torn off, the party mood quickly evaporates. Assuming the injury was caused by a freak wake-boarding accident, the group realizes they have to get Malik to a hospital on the other side of the lake, and fast. But as they set out in a tiny speedboat, the college friends discover the lake has been stocked with hundreds of massive, flesh-eating sharks! As they face one grisly death after another, Sara and the others struggle desperately to fend off the sharks, get help and stay alive long enough to reach the safety of dry land.

bhahahaha . padam muka kaw . ak dah semangat buat special synopsis ntuk uols . oke ak tak tipu . in english version . bace lah . hargai lah sket hasil ak . susah nak nampak ak buat khas ntuk uols . hihi . wuuu . 

. uols nak kenal pelakon tak ? wahahaha . japjap . ak nak beli lolipop . biar lah manis pun . sweet pun . heran tak ak . ak dah gemuk . lantak lah . suke hati lah . 

Joel Moore . Sinqua Walls . Dustin Milligan .

Katharine McPhee . Sara Pexton . aww aww . 18sx coming . hihi .

tengs genggeng . megat baby's sweettttttt . baibai .

Selamat Menonton .

kbai . hihi

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